About Me

My name is Caroline, and I love to cook and bake! I graduated in 2007 from Virginia Tech with an engineering degree and I now live in Chicago working as a civil engineer. I live in the 'burbs with my awesome husband, who I married in 2009, and our puppy Cody, who joined our family in 2010.

Shortly after getting married (as in, three days after returning from our honeymoon), we closed on our first home. The next three months were spent renovating nearly the entire space. You name it, we did it. We ripped out the old parquet floors to lay new engineered hardwood, we replaced our kitchen sink and countertops, painted nearly every single surface in the house, replaced carpeting and updated bathrooms. While the space is still (and always will be) a work in progress, I am so pleased with what our space looks like now. The renovations also included purchasing a new range for our kitchen, one of my favorite 'toys' in the whole house. My old oven would shut off in the middle of baking a batch of cupcakes, and we knew that just wouldn't do. I now have a convection oven that also includes features for proofing yeast dough and drying fruit, among other things.

I am a former East Coaster from Baltimore and, because of that, I have an unnatural love for Old Bay seasoning. I put it on everyting from french fries to chicken (and will one day successful incorporate it into a dessert - hey, if cayenne pepper can work with chocolate, why can't Old Bay?)

Right now, I am just shooting pictures with my point and shoot camera, and due to a pretty busy work schedule and personal life, I rarely get the chance to take pictures of my food in natural light. I am hoping to get a DSLR camera soon, and learn how to make my picture look as good as the food tastes.

I would love to hear from you! Feel free to leave me a comment here or shoot me an email.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you keep coming back!

Engineer and an Oven
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