Monday, August 30, 2010

Meet my Newest Distraction! AKA "Cody"

As of two weeks ago, our family has had a little addition. Please welcome Cody, our 14 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi! He was born on May 19th and we finally got to pick him up on August 16! We got to visit the litter and the mama when the puppies were 4 1/2 weeks old, and we got to take our first pictures and videos of Cody. And oh my goodness, how he has changed in 8 weeks! Can you believe this is the same puppy as the above picture??
It's been an adjustment for everyone, both him and us. It took him about a week to fully get used to his new surroundings, including having to leave mama and his brothers and sisters to join our family. We're now getting up at 5am to make sure we can take care of him and ourselves before leaving for work for the day.
It's so worth it though. He is a constant source of daily giggles. In the first week he was with us, he learned to go up stairs and tentatively down them as well (but not without a TON of supervision, I can tell I’m going to be a paranoid parent). We’re still working on the nipping – especially hard considering he’s teething right now and because that's how he is used to getting attention. Cody has been an absolute joy so far and we cannot wait to see what happiness he will bring us in the hopefully 12-14 happy healthy years we have with him!
Even when he's been a little frustrating (peeing on our carpet, nipping, refusing to go in his crate), we still know adding him to our family was the right decision. I mean, come on, just look at that face:
It’s amazing watching him grow right before our very eyes, and we cannot wait to see what handsome dog he will become. (Though we are incredibly excited for him to be fully trained and not have to clean up after him in the house!)
Welcome to our Family, Cody!


Pam said...

Cody is a doll! Too funny, I just told hubby yesterday that if I had a dog, it would be a Corgi. We used to have a dachshund but have 2 black cats now so a dog will have to wait. Good luck with the training and I'm sure he'll be the best pet! He's a great addition to your family!

Caroline said...

Thank you! We think he's the sweetest, though we may be a bit biased :) This is my first dog, and for as long as I can remember, I've wanted a Corgi. Thankfully, my husband likes them, too! They have great personalities and are smart as a whip (sometimes too smart for their own good!)

Kita said...

OMG! He is adorable!!!! I have stated many times that corgis are the only 'small' dogs I will ever like and his face reminds me why. I keep begging the bf for a puppy (never had one of my own) but with a dog and 2 cats we are already at maximum capacity for the attention pie chart - or so Im told. Congrats on your new little guy!

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