Friday, September 24, 2010

Some Happy News! (AKA Tastespotting accepted one of my pictures!)

It doesn't take very much on a friday to make me happy, but I am ecsatic that one of my photos submitted to the Tastespotting website was picked for the front page! It's photo 101634, not that I'm counting :)

Even better, it's of the birthday cake I made for my hubby, so I'm proud that I actually made him a cake that tasted delicious and apparently was pretty enough to be featured on Tastespotting!

Yay and Happy Friday!

(PS, remember the
Asiago Cheese Bread from a while ago? There's a Part II post coming tonight. Be excited!)


ASH said...

congrats!!! :)

Caroline said...

Thanks! Though I think it's beginners luck, I'm 0/5 after submitting this first photo! Oh well, try and try again!

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