Monday, February 14, 2011

Cody Wants to Say Something...

Cody wanted to share a little something with you for Valentine's Day.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
Don’t forget your corgi -
Please be my Valentine, too!
I know I may nip
And sometimes I smell
But please know that I love you
I hope you can tell!
I can’t buy you flowers,
And chocolate’s out, too
I can’t sign a card
Or buy a dozen balloons
But I can give you cuddles,
And make you laugh when you’re down
I will gladly give kisses
And just be a clown
And when I lick you all over
Know I’m just trying to say
I love you all bunches 
And Happy Valentine’s Day!


Anonymous said...

Loved this!!!

Caroline said...


Crepes of Wrath said...

He is just too freaking cute!

Elizabeth said...

What an adorable dog! I love the picture of him sleeping. So precious!

Caroline said...

Crepes of Wrath, we think he's a cutie, so glad others do, too! :)

Elizabeth, when he was only a couple months old, it was only when he was sleeping we could get good pictures of him. And he slept sooo much! Now that he is a little older he's getting more active and more difficult to photograph - though he is becoming a bit of a ham when he sees the camera come out. He'll actually sit and 'pose' sometimes!

Happy Homebaker said...

Hi Caroline, thanks for visiting my blog! My sis who lives in California owns a corgi too, he looks just like Cody :)

Caroline said...

Happy Homebaker, I love when people have corgis that are near and dear to their hearts! They are always fun and will always keep me on my toes, that's for sure!

Always Wright said...

Cody is absolutely precious!!! So enjoyed his cute Christmas and Valentine's Day words! We have a chow/golden retriever mix, Buddy, who is the best dog ever! I was the coldest I have EVER been in Chicago a few years ago. Enjoy living there! Love your blog!

Caroline said...

Always Wright, Thank you so much for the compliment! I'm glad you like what I have on here! I've never been as cold as when I've been in Chicago for the winter, I'm used to the milder East Coast winters. Your Buddy sounds great! We love Cody (and his poems!) :)

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